A coastal city known for its beautiful beaches and Dutch colonial history.

Enjoy beachside relaxation, explore the Dutch Fort, and visit the fish market.


An ancient rock fortress with stunning frescoes and impressive gardens.

Climb the Lion Rock, admire ancient frescoes, and explore the Royal Gardens.


An ancient city with well-preserved ruins of palaces, temples, and statues.

Tour the ancient ruins, visit the Archaeological Museum, and see the Gal Vihara statues.


A cultural city centered around a scenic lake, known for the Temple of the Tooth.

Visit the Temple of the Tooth, stroll around Kandy Lake, and explore the Royal Botanic Gardens.


A small town famous for adventure sports and natural beauty.

Go white-water rafting, explore the Belilena Caves, and hike in the rainforests.


A picturesque town known for its tea plantations and cool climate.

Tour tea plantations, visit Victoria Park, and enjoy a boat ride on Gregory Lake.


A charming village surrounded by mountains and tea estates.

Hike to Ella Rock, visit the Nine Arches Bridge, and see the Ravana Falls.


A vast national park renowned for its wildlife, including leopards and elephants.

Go on a safari to spot wildlife, visit the Sithulpawwa monastery, and explore the beaches.


Coastal towns known for their stunning beaches and whale watching.

Relax on the beaches, go whale watching, and surf at Hiriketiya Beach.


A historic city with a well-preserved Dutch Fort and charming colonial architecture.

Explore the Galle Fort, visit the maritime museum, and stroll through the cobblestone streets.

Madu River

A river with a rich ecosystem, offering unique boat safari experiences.

Take a boat safari, visit the Kothduwa Temple, and explore the mangroves.


The bustling capital city of Sri Lanka, blending modernity with colonial heritage.

Visit the National Museum, shop at Pettah Market, and relax at Galle Face Green.

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